Saturday, October 5, 2013

Onto the Organizing

I have to say that I am losing some of the excitement about this project because now my basement is looking like my storage room did.  I know that it is only temporary and that in a few more days I will be done clearing the storage area out and putting the stuff I am keeping back in an orderly fashion but there is no door I can close to the rest of my basement to hide the mess that is there right now.  This makes me very anxious.  I find it difficult to go down there and work on any of my sewing or Christmas projects because all that mess makes me nervous. 

The only good thing about it is that while I may not get anything else done in the basement in the next few days I will definitely persevere with the organizing and getting rid of the clutter because I cannot stand to have it in my living area.  Another good thing is that while I can't go down in the basement, maybe I will get my reading done.  I have been reading the same book for over a month. It is not bad but it is not one of those books that you hate to put down and cannot wait to get back to but again, my OCD kicks in and does not allow me to not finish it and move onto a more enjoyable book.  I am nearly done though so perhaps this basement project will be the nudge I need.

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