Thursday, October 2, 2014

Things I am Thankful for Thursday

Last night we celebrated Larry and Mary's homecoming with dinner.  Dick and Jackie came and so did Tingting and Melody.  Ting and Melody stayed the night so I got baby cuddles before bed and first thing this morning.

I weighed in this morning and have lost 5.4 lbs so far which means I am right on task for my goal.

Jackie and I went to Zumba class and then we met everyone for lunch afterwards.  Even Mom who was broken out by Larry and Mary today.

After lunch I got more baby time while Ting showered before we took her home. We got her settled in and straightened the house a bit and then I ran a couple of errands.  Frank made Chicken Pot Pie for us while we were gone.  He did a great job.

Now we are off to choir practice.  I hope you all had a lot to be Thankful for as well. 

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