Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Miss is Blowing you a Kiss

Melody Elizabeth is 3 weeks old already!!
She is starting to be much more alert.
She stays awake longer and has discovered that she can look around.
We were having a little conversation here and she decided to pucker up for a kiss.
I was happy to oblige.

Not too much else in other news today.  We have been doing a lot of entertaining and enjoying having Larry and Mary here.  Last night we went out to dinner with Mary's cousin and her husband who have become friends of our over the years.  

Today, Mary and I went out to do some shopping and had lunch together at a little wine bar at the mall.  We had dinner here at home and then Frank and I went to choir and Larry and Mary went to visit friends.

Tomorrow, I have my first roller skating lesson.  If I am not laid up in the hospital I will tell you all about it LOL.  See you then.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about roller skating. I used to roller skate every Friday night in my teen years. Then after my boys came along I would go with them.....I wasn't nearly as good a skater when I kept worrying about falling and breaking something. My oldest, Danny, took after me and spent many Friday nights at the rink during his teen years

    1. Oh my gosh Paula, I fell on my knees....I fell on my back....I strained my wrist...I go back on Monday.

    2. Unless my hand is broken but I think it is just strained. Yes, I want to do at least 5 lessons before I give up on it or decide that I like it enough to continue.


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