Monday, October 6, 2014

Musings on Monday

I had planned on getting up early and heading to the gym for Boot Camp Class but that didn't happen so here I am enjoying a leisurely morning.  I am on my second cup of coffee and I thought that I would catch up with you all since I didn't post, other than my 31 Day Challenge, yesterday.  Speaking of my 31 Day Challenge, are you enjoying it?  I really need some feedback.  I have gotten some good comments but they mostly are from people who love me so I don't know how honest they are LOL.

I did another post yesterday for an upcoming event called Food and Wine pairing.  Everyone will be posting their recipes and wine choice on October 11th.  I created a new recipe for this event and it turned out very well.

I served it during a dinner party we had last night.  Lots of dinner parties in this household because Larry and Mary are in from California.

I had to get in my baby time before Amy arrived.

Because I knew once she got here that baby would become hers.

Dinner commenced with prayer as soon as Frank was done capturing our memories.

It was a wonderful evening.  Tonight we have no dinner parties planned but tomorrow night Kim and Kurt will be over and, hopefully, John and Kirsten too.  Kirsy has been sick but I am hoping the antibiotics kick in and she is better by tomorrow. 

Today is Meatless Monday but, once again, you are going to have to wait for the recipe because it will not be revealed until Pumpkin Week later this month.  It is a keeper though so make sure you stop back by to see it.

I think my leisure time is over here... Have a great Monday everyone!

One year ago--Seriously, Organizing, Vegetables, Halloween Painting.  I know there is a lot but that is because I didn't post yesterday.


  1. Thanks for catching us up with your life......

  2. Every dinner by Chef W is a winner. We are the fortunate ones.
    Thanks, Frank and Wendy.


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