Friday, October 10, 2014

Falling down Friday

Today was my first skating lesson.  First I fell forward and landed on my hands and knees.  Mostly on my left kneecap.  It hurt enough that I felt nauseous for a few minutes. Then I fell backwards, which would have been fine, had I not tried to catch myself with my hand.  I am trying to figure out if  I hyper-extended my wrist or if I broke a couple of small bone in my hand.  I took some Advil so we will see how I feel tomorrow.

After skating, I went down to watch Melody while Ting went grocery shopping.  Afterwards, I met Amy for lunch.  She is going to Traverse City this weekend...I am I gave her some things I picked up for Lil and Spence while I was in NYC to deliver for me.  While having lunch I got admonished for the pucker up photo that I posted of Melody yesterday and was told I need to post one showing how pretty she is.  So if you are getting sick of seeing my baby pictures you can blame Amy for this one.

I love how alert she is now.
She smiles when you talk to her and she loves being sung to.

Tonight we are going to Dick and Jackie's for dinner....I think wine might help me forget about all my booboo's I suffered today.

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  1. Never tire of baby pictures....first time grannies are as much fun as the babies. HOpe your skating injuries get better

    1. Thanks Paula... I am enjoying my little one and my injuries are nothing that time will not heal.


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