Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Socializing and Book Review

I have been awake here since 4 am.  I have no idea why.  I lounged around in bed playing games on my phone until 6 and then finally got up.

I started a new book two nights ago.  It is for my Cook the Books club and was chosen by Simona of Briciole.  I haven't stayed awake too long each night to get very far into it but my life should be calming down soon and I will have opportunities to read.

  I was able to start on my Cook the Books selection early because I finished up True Sisters by Sandra Dallas.  As you may know, I am a big fan of Historical Fiction and this book fit the bill.  It is set during the 1800's when the Latter Day Saints had gone over to Europe to recruit people to the Mormon religion.  They then brought them back here to the US where they crossed the country (1300 miles) on foot pulling and pushing handcarts through the worst of the winter weather.  It was amazing how strong these people were in their faith as they faced horrendous situations during this arduous trek to their "Zion", the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  The entire trek was factual and the story followed fictional women who were making this trek.  The author did a great job of portraying the women in this story and their strength and determination.  It is factual that more women survived the journey than did men and this is one of the reasons that the Mormons took on more than one wife upon arrival in Utah.

I didn't know much about the Mormon religion other than the fact that The Osmonds were from Utah and practice the Mormon religion, they have great commercials on television and in magazines and I went and saw The Book of Mormon recently which made me pretty uncomfortable.  I don't know a whole lot more about the religion after reading this book but I know a lot about the faith of the people who follow this religion.  It was apparent that, like all religions, there is good and doctrine, in followers and in leaders.  I enjoyed this book for it's historical value and I also enjoy books that portray women as strong and capable instead of whiny and insipid.  I would recommend this book if you like these same things.

We are singing at 9:30 Mass this morning.  Mary's sister, Pat, spent the night last night.  After Mass we will be going to breakfast.  Our Parish is having their Harvest Dinner today but we won't be able to attend as my niece, Stephanie, has invited us over so that she can see Larry and Mary before they go home on Wednesday.  Stephanie is making us dinner and I am bringing a dessert that I will be sharing with you on October 16th so stay tuned for that.

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday.  May God bless and keep you.


  1. I studied the Mormon religion once upon a time....

    1. What did you think of it? I don't understand too much about it but I know that they are very secretive so that makes me suspicious.

    2. I felt the same. Very secretive! But otherwise not much different that my own religious upbringing which was Quaker....

    3. I have read a little bit about Quakers also . Am I mistaken, or was George Washington a Quaker? I would like to learn more about your religion if you ever feel like writing about it.


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