Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wacky Wednesday

We got up early this morning to fly a couple to Mackinac Island but were thwarted, once again, by the weather. We decided that we would go for a hike around here instead but first we had to go wrestle our pig and give her her first antibiotic shot for today.

Well, let me tell you (again) that I really really damaged myself in that fall at skating because after we were done with the pig I ached as badly as I did the first day of the fall.  From my neck down to my toes.  I think I have an extremely deep bruise that is going to take a long time to heal.

So after I could move again we went to the chiropractor and now I am feeling back to normal.  We went to the food pantry and shopping because Little Miss has outgrown her newborn diapers so I had to restock my supply, she also moved up into  3-6 mos. clothing so I got her a few pair of pj's to have on hand here.  She went for her one month check up today.  She is now 10.6 lbs and 23" long.

I decided to get my exercise in for my Quest for Fitness with a walk to the Post Office. I had two packages to be delivered so I put them in bags so my weight would be evenly distributed.  Walked 2 miles to the post office to discover that it closes at 4:30 not 5 pm.  I got there at 4:45 so I called Frank and had him meet me at a local restaurant for dinner and walked another .75 miles to get there, still carrying the bags LOL.

After dinner, I rode home with Frank.  Then we wrestled the pig for her second shot today.  The good news is that the pig is getting better.  We can tell because she is much harder to catch!!  The bad news is I am hurting again...this getting old stuff is for the birds...or pigs....or something!


  1. Adorable baby! My first son was 23" at birth...he is now 6'6". I am so sorry that you are hurting so. You need to take it easy and not push yourself too hard.

    1. You're right Paula, the problem is the better the piglet gets the harder it is to wrestle her down and Frank needs the help. Hopefully she is all better today and we won't have to pig fight today LOL


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