Thursday, August 3, 2023

Tinned Meals inspired by The Road #LitHappens #Movies&Munchies

I am hosting our Lit Happens group this month and chose the classic novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  You are invited to join us.  Simply read the book and then, if you wish, join in the discussion as I post questions on our Facebook Page.  

The Road

Want to join us?  Simply let me know in the comment section of this post and I will be happy to send you an invitation.
The Road film

We are also watching the film adaptation of this novel for our Movies&Munchies group.  You are also invited to join us in that. However, it is required that you make a Munchie or Recipe inspired by the film and post it on a blog or on Instagram.  Just watch the film anytime during the month and let me know, on the event page, when your recipe is posted so I can include you in the roundup at the end of the month.

This novel takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and follows a man and his boy as they travel to the ocean looking for survival and other "good guys"  who are "carrying the light".  Besides the dangers of freezing or starving to death, they also need to beware of the "bad guys" who capture and imprison people to use as food.  

Canned Potatoes and SPAM

I was, of course, inspired to make a meal both for the novel and for the film.   I was only going to make one meal using only canned goods, such as the Man and the Boy, would find on their journey.  However, one of those cans was SPAM and I was only feeding myself and my husband, neither of whom was starving.

Spam and Potatoes frying

I did cheat a little using some olive oil and seasoning the meal with some pepper.  I didn't need salt because SPAM is plenty salty enough on its own.

Spam and Beans

Having only used half the can of SPAM with the potatoes, the following evening I added the rest of the SPAM to a can of beans.

Spam and Beans

I had never read this novel nor watched the film before these events that were prompted from this list from Southern Living found by one of our members, Debra of Eliot's Eats.  

I didn't bother writing out a recipe.  Just open some cans and heat up.  Say a prayer of gratitude, while you eat, that you are not enjoying it near as much as you would be if it were your first meal in a few days.

I found this movie and book very thought-provoking.  I hope that you join us for the discussion and round-up.  


  1. So, I am glad I read both the book and watched the film. (And, I finally posted.) This would be a great camping meal.

    1. I was glad I did too. I didn't find it quite as disturbing as the others did. I could imagine that it would be close to accurate. A very thought-provoking novel and film. I'm glad you joined me Debra.

  2. Sorry, I keep posting as "unknown."


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