Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days Dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer Disease

I have accepted a challenge from the Nesting Place to blog for a full month on one subject. Please join me as I document 31 days of dealing with the disease of Dementia/Alzheimer.  I am the main caregiver to my mother who will be 93 in December.  She was diagnosed with this disease at 88 years of age and has been living with me for the past 5 years. 

This will not be a sob story, although at times we may cry.  It will simply be a place where those of us who are caregivers can share our stories, vent our frustrations and know that we are not alone in this scary journey in which we find ourselves.

I am very blessed to have tremendous family and friends who assist me in the care of my mother.  I know that many of you do not have that luxury and how frustrating it can be to deal with this disease day in and day out.  We will be each others shoulder to cry on, sounding board, inspiration and strength.  Please join me each day as I document our day.

Mom still loves to socialize, drink her wine and laugh.  She is usually in pretty good spirits even if she doesn't have a clue who she is with. This is a great picture. Every time we go out to dinner Mom asks why she has white wine and we have red.  We respond that she doesn't like red wine.  She asks to try it and then she makes this face.  Sometimes she will do this 5 or 6 times during the meal but always at least once during every meal out.

Day 2-Mom Falls

Day 3-Happiness is Having your Hair done

Day 4-Memories of Mom

Day 5-Another day, another million times of being asked the same question

Day 6-Mom and Frank

Day 7-No Mom Monday

Day 8-ZZZzzzzz's

Day 9-The Morning Ritual

Day 10-I Can See Clearly Now

Day 11-An Available Resource

Day 12-And to All a Good Night

Day 13-Mom breaks her foot and I am losing my mind

Day 14-Good News

Day 15-Rough Night for Mom and Dawn

Day 16-Welcome to Wednesday

Day 17-A Good Day

Day 18-A Complete Turn Around

Day 20-Ooops

Day 21-Puppy Love

Day 22-Hey, There's a Puppy in Here

Day 23-BINGO

Day 24-Mom Renamed my Puppy

Day 24-Mom's Memories

Day 25-Our Weekend Off

Day 26-More Memories of Mom

Day 27-Scaring Great Grandma

Day 28-Celebrate Good Times

Day 29-In the Blink of an Eye

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  1. I love the picture. And I am so happy she can still enjoy a glass of wine.


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