Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's All Apples and Pears to me.......

I got up this morning and made another loaf of the Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread.  It is soooooo good! I think it will probably be a breakfast staple around here this fall.  Mom loves it!!

Frank went out and picked the real last batch of the pears....I was going to leave these on the tree for the deer to eat as they fell but after Frank picked one and ate it he got the ladder out and picked most of them.  They are delicious and sweet as can be.  I took about half of them and set them aside for eating raw but there are way too many so I will have to have another pear canning day this coming week.  My friend Jamie, The Pickle Ninja, gave me a recipe for Pear-Jalapeno Jelly so I think I will try that.

Only about a half sink full this time but boy are they nice, crisp and delicious!!!
Time for me to got Mom ready for the wedding this afternoon.  Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Mom it's letting me comment. Not sure why Aunt Dawn can't.


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