Monday, September 2, 2013

Pears, Pigs and the Popps.

First thing this morning I picked another peck of pears.  Well, I'm not really sure what a peck is but I picked another sink full.

This is my third sink full from my two little pear trees and I probably have another sink full still on the tree.  I have been canning pears like crazy for the past week.  I will probably work on putting this batch up tomorrow.

Then, my friend, Kim, came over to stay with Mom while Frank and I went to get our piglets.
When we pick up the piglets we place them in this box to transport them home.

As you can see our dogs, Buddy and Bella are very curious.  Buddy jumped up for a closer look

 Kim was able to take a picture through the cracks of the crate so you could see the piglets, comfortably confined.
Kim's husband, Kurt, stopped by to help Frank carry the crate into the pen.
And here they are all settled into their new home.
It's been a pretty full day and it is only one o'clock.  We have Frank's cousins, the Popp family, coming by at 3 for an afternoon of swimming, conversation and burgers on the grill. Talk to you tomorrow.

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