Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day is done

Amy came over and spent about 5 hours with me.  I am sure it was very frustrating for her because I am pretty much computer illiterate but we did have some success.  Visitors to this blog should now be able leave comments and we added a recipe page so that you can view and print recipes that I blog about.

After she left we had a quick dinner of pasta with Italian sausage in marinara sauce (leftovers that had been put in the freezer) and left over salads from Monday's barbecue.  Some days leftovers are a blessing, especially when you have spent the entire day fighting with your computer!

I did run out and take care of my animals after Amy left.  I had left over corn on the cob from Monday and the scraps from the pears I preserved this morning to give them so they were happy chickens, turkeys and piggies.  I also called and arranged for my turkeys to be taken in for processing on the Monday prior to Thanksgiving.  Hard to believe that summer is nearly over here.
The chicken showed their appreciation by supplying us with these beautiful eggs. 
It is always Easter here with our multi colored eggs.
Wednesday is mom's shower day because she goes on Thursday's to get her hair washed and set.  We are all clean and cozy.  Going to cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine and some tv. Good night all.

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