Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Humpday

Wednesdays in our household are pretty quiet normally.  We don't usually make any plans or commitments on Wednesdays because it is Mom's shower night and it is hard enough getting her to cooperate without adding more confusion in the mix.

I went to the food pantry to make sure everything was ready for the crew working tonight and on the way home stopped to browse the local quilting store.  I found a pretty neat project that I am going to make using this pattern as a Christmas gift.  I found the perfect fabric and hope to start on this tonight after I get Mom to bed.

One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is browse recipes.  I, of course, use and but my favorite thing is leafing through my Cuisine at Home magazines.  They arrive, every 2 months and I categorize them so that I can go through them seasonally through the years.  I have been getting the magazine since 2003 so there are lots of great ideas available.

This afternoon, I made and canned Salsa Verde using this recipe. 
The Three Little Pigs

When Frank got home we went out to see the piglets and water them down to try to keep them a little cool. It is a very hot day out there and they love getting squirted with the hose.

After their shower they came up to Frank for a little bit of attention.
 It is amazing how quickly they acclimate to us and become friendly.

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