Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting ready for piglets

Now that I kinda have the hang of this.....Let's talk about a Day in the Life.  Today was my third day canning tomatoes.  Friday I just canned whole tomatoes,  Saturday I made spaghetti sauce to can and today I made and canned salsa.
While I was busy doing this my husband was and still is busy outside getting ready for our piglets to arrive tomorrow morning.  This is our fourth year for piglets.  We started with two which was a great experience, so the following year we got 3.  This worked out fine except that one of the piglets only grew to 180 lbs as opposed to the other 2 who grew to 230 lbs and 260 lbs.  The next year we got 4 piglets and added another feeder thinking that this would help them to all get the same amount of feed.  They did and they were all a good size ranging from 190-240 lbs.  This year we are going to go back down to 3 piglets but keep both feeders and see what happens.  Pigs are hungry creatures and I do give them commercial feed but I also give them ALL of my kitchen scraps, nothing gets thrown out during the time we are raising pigs. 
Last week my husband went out and built a new lean-to for the pigs.  It is not hard to keep pigs warm, it is hard to keep them cool.  We expanded the pen last year to enclose some trees so they had some shade but after 3 years their shelter was pretty torn up so a new one was seriously needed prior to their arrival. 
My Pops used to say "everything is a project" and of course, as is the case with father's, he was right. So after the lean-to was completed my husband, Frank, went to work on the electric fence only to discover that the electricity to the barn is no longer working.  So that is what he has spent his entire holiday weekend doing.....trenching the yard and laying new wiring.  Frank is a wonderful man so of course he thought that while he had the trencher rented he would fix the wiring to our gazebo, he was very pleased with himself until he ended up wrapping the current  wiring from the gazebo around the trencher pulling off part of the gazebo wall.....wait it get's better.....the wall contained a hornet's nest!!!  So now he and our dear friend, John, have been out there all day trying to fix that as well....oh and after they reran the wiring to the still isn't working.  Pop's was right, as always!!!
Okay, enough rambling for today....I am going to go make those poor guys some dinner.  Check in tomorrow for pics of the piglets.

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