Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekly Menu

Today we have a wedding to attend.  It is for the daughter of my parent's best friends, both of whom are deceased now so it is very important to her that Mom attend.  Mom loves socializing and puts on a very good front.  Everyone she sees she will say "How have you been, it's been a long time, you look good".  Then they walk away and she says to me "Who was that person?"  But she still loves to visit with people, people watch and party so she should have a good day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day so Amy is going to come and visit with Mom and we are going to take John and Kirsten for a flight and have lunch on Mackinac Island.  It should be a beautiful flight, hopefully the colors are starting up there already.

The rest of the week is just a typical week for us so here is the weekly menu. Make sure you join me each day as I link photos and recipes. Ciao (Chow.....get it.....I crack me up!!)


Flying to Mackinac Island

Meatless Monday
Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Panini
Corn on the Cob

Date night

Chicken Tetrazzini
Green Bean and Tomato Salad

Stuffed Cabbage
Mashed Potatoes
Glazed Carrots

Fish Friday
Shrimp Stir Fry
Steamed Rice

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