Saturday, September 28, 2013

A is for Apples.

The other day we stopped by to see Kurt and he was canning grape juice.  He generously gave my 3 quarts already processed so I can make jelly without doing all the hard work.  Then he allowed me and  Frank to pick apples off his trees so it looks like it is applesauce time again.

It was pretty easy work, the trees are loaded.

Now comes the real work.

The ensemble, in which Frank is a member, is singing at the 4 pm Mass tonight.  I won't be going because the choir, in which we are both members, is singing at 9:30 Mass tomorrow.  So I will stay home and make my applesauce.  After Mass we are going out to dinner with John and Kirsten and their daughter in law's brother, Greg, who is in the Seminary here in Detroit and has the weekend off so he will spend it with them. After dinner we will have a game night.  I think we should play Apples to Apples, just to keep with my theme here!!

The finished product. 

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