Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm just stewing here.......

Many years ago there was a movie out called "Fargo" it was a very dark comedy.  You either loved it or hated it.  "The Family" is very much the same...I personally thought it was a very weird movie, Frank thought it was better than I did.

I got up early this morning and put stew into the crockpot for dinner tonight using this recipe, except that I use 1 lb. beef and 1 lb. pork, I don't use potatoes or corn, I add celery and fresh green beans or frozen peas or both.  It is my week to work the food pantry at church and I will be gone from 2-6 pm so a crockpot meal is perfect.  I just need to call Frank when I am heading home so that he can throw the biscuits in the oven.

I went to see my friend and hairdresser, Karen, today for a badly needed cut and color.  The gray seems to creep in faster and faster each day!  Successful afternoon at the food pantry, delicious dinner and now it is shower time for Mom.  See you all tomorrow.

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