Sunday, September 8, 2013

Celebration Sunday

Last night as Mom and I were driving to the airport to pick up friends who were returning home from Croatia, Mom asked how long it had been since I smoked and I responded 21 years.  Mom says "Oh, that's a long time, it has only been a few months for me but I really don't miss it at all".  Mom has not smoked for 40 years but when Frank met us for dinner we all toasted her success at staying smoke free for a couple of months LOL.

This morning our new pastor was installed into our parish.  We sang some special hymns and then we had a reception dinner welcoming him and his associate pastor to our family. When I introduced Mom to the new priest she started going on about how she attended Kindergarten at this school.  This is one of Mom's recurring beliefs like the belief that she walks to California each year. We have no idea why Mom can't remember all the many truths in her life but she never forgets the things she makes up in her mind.  She never forgets when she walks into my sister's house that she and Pops once lived there (they never did) but when you tell her she is going to Dawn's she asks where it is and if she has ever been there before.  There is no rhyme or reason but it is fun when someone, like Father, doesn't know her yet and looks all confused when she starts telling them about these things.

This afternoon we celebrated Kurt's birthday with dinner and cake.  I made Chicken Cacciatore, Spaghetti and Steamed Green Beans. Kim provided cheesecake.

Chicken Cacciatore

Eight pieces of Chicken (I like to use legs and thighs)
Flour, salt and pepper
2 T. cooking oil
Large onion, sliced
1 qt.  Marinara Sauce  (I can my own using this recipe but you can use any brand you like)
1/2 c Red Wine

 Place onion slices in bottom of large slow cooker.  Combine flour, salt and pepper in a plastic bag.  Add chicken pieces and shake to coat well. Shake off excess flour and brown chicken pieces in hot oil (I use coconut).  Remove Chicken and place on top of onion in slow cooker. Deglaze pan with the wine stirring to scrape off the brown goodies on the bottom of the pan. Pour wine and scrapings over chicken and cover with Marinara Sauce. Cook on low setting for 7-8 hrs.  Serve over your favorite noodles.  Print Recipe.

See you tomorrow.

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