Life with Mom

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  1. I would like to contribute my thots and experience in the care taking of loved ones. Rita

    1. Hi Rita. I am always happy to hear about others experiences. I believe we can all learn from each other as we struggle through this caregiving stage of our lives.

  2. Although I do not have a "live in" situation; I have been actively involved in caring and overseeing the livelihood of two people. One who has lost his home to foreclosure, and another homeless and sleeping in his van. I have been reading both your and Paula's blogs, and these kinds of care taking situations need to be discussed. The constant worry, and guilt of wondering whether "am I doing enough" was gnawing away at me. I was not taking very good care of myself, and putting my studying on the back burner. It took David to pull me out of this "mind set", and convince me that I HAD done more than the average person would, and that I needed to start concentrating on myself.

    1. Yes, thank God that Dave was there to help you see that you can't be any good to others if you are not taking care of yourself.

  3. I have not seen any new entries about Mom in quite some time. How is she doing? I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially the ones devoted to Mom as my mother also suffered from Alzheimer's. You are so fortunate that she has such a sunny disposition, that was not the case for my poor mother.

    1. I had to place Mom into a memory care center. She is very happy there. I go to see her 4 or 5 times a week. She is always engaged in singing, exercise and/or games. She has no idea who I am. Once in a blue moon I will be her sister but usually she thinks I just work there. She still has a sunny disposition but is sleeping much more than she used to.
      Thanks for asking about her.


  4. I like your website. It’s an insightful platform.

  5. Hi, I just came across your blog researching "Christmas Blogs" but I was intrigued by your Cast page, because I "Had" one, but I may resurrect it. It's in the drafts. Anyway, my mom also has Alzheimer's Disease. She's in end-stage. It's probably the worst disease I've had to "live with." There's the anticipatory grief, and then there's what comes when "it" actually happens. I am going to follow your blog now, because you and I parallel. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by. I originally started this blog to help me cope with that terrible disease. It is so hard for the family and friends who have to deal with watching their loved one deteriorate. There's not much I can do but I will be happy to listen when you need to vent.

  6. Yeah, that is basically what my FB turned into, a document of my everyday life with juggling life and my mom. Because my FB got super depressing to read, and seems negative, it turns people off, so I created a TikTok to showcase my mom's happier moments, smelling flowers, singing in her native language, watching entertainers, eating her favorite kids meal.

    You know what irks me the most about fast food places, some are not willing to sell a kids meal to an 83 year old. She won't eat an adult sized meal and she won't eat anything but 4 chicken nuggets and french fries. And breakfast kids meals are easier to eat for egg, one sausage, and one tiny pancake. I've had restaurants refuse and then tell me you can order it your way...I'll say, everything that's on the kids meal. They usually end up charging me the kids meal price. So ridiculous. If they saw her behaviors they would "get it.". So far, Ruby Tuesdays and McDonalds has been accommodating.


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