Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tangerine Honey White Bread #BreadBakers

This month's Bread Bakers is brought to you by.....Mayuri of Mayuri's Jikoni who chose the theme of Natural Sweeteners.

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I chose to use honey as my sweetener in this bread that I adapted from one found on Taste of Home. I get my honey locally from my friend, Kim, usually but last year was a bad year for her hives so I am hoarding what little I have left.  However, whenever we go to Florida we stop at a local produce market where they sell Tangerine Honey and stock up.  This honey is delicious with just a hint of tangerine flavor.  We love to have it on toast in the mornings so when I saw this recipe for bread I decided to use the tangerine honey for proofing the yeast.

The results were amazing.  This bread was perfect for toasting and serving with additional tangerine honey.  It was also awesome piled with ham salad as a sandwich.  Of course, most of it was just cut, slathered with butter and enjoyed.

Tangerine Honey White Bread
adapted from Taste of Home

1 (.25 oz) pkg Active Dry Yeast 
1 1/4 c. warmed milk (110-115*)
3 T. Tangerine Honey
2 T. butter, melted
1 t. salt
3 1/2- 41/2 c. flour

Dissolve yeast in warm milk in large bowl of stand mixer for 5 minutes.  Add the honey, butter, salt and 3 c. of the flour.  Attach dough hook and mix on low speed until smooth.  Add additional flour, half cup at a time, until the dough is soft and coming together.  Knead on med low speed for 5-7 minutes, until smooth and elastic.  Form dough into a ball and place into a bowl that has been treated with cooking spray, turning once to coat all sides of the dough.  Cover with a warm, damp towel and allow to rise until doubled, approx. 1 hr.  

Punch down dough and form into a loaf.  Place dough in a loaf pan that has been treated with cooking spray, cover again with a warm, damp towel and allow to rise until doubled, about 30 minutes.

Bake in a preheated 375* oven for 30-35 minutes, until golden brown. Cool on wire rack.  Print Recipe

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  1. Never heard of tangerine honey, would to have a slice of this lovely bread.

  2. Wendy, making a bread with tangerine honey sounds really interesting. I am sure it tasted just as great :)

  3. Tangerine honey sounds super yummy. Bread with it must have tasted amazing.

  4. You had me at "slathering with butter." This sounds and looks delicious! What a wonderful loaf!

  5. I love with mandarin, I did it once with orange and was delicious.
    Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe

  6. I'm positively drooling over the tangerine honey! This bread must taste awesome. Thanks for making me buy something new so I can try it. :D

  7. Bread with tangerine honey must be very flavourful. And then to have it butter, even more tempting.

  8. Delicious toasting or sandwich bread.

  9. I LOVE honey is all sorts of dishes and would even add it on top of your lovely bread. A taste of summer for sure!

  10. Hello Wendy, your loaf looks delicious. I can imagine the flavour of tangerine honey. Lovely recipe!


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