Saturday, July 30, 2016

Recap, Rethink, Regroup with the Weekly Menu

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Recap:  I stumbled a couple of times this week on my eating plan.  Nothing major just little things, eating out sometimes presents a problem.  Mostly I stayed true and it is paying off in many ways.  I am sleeping better.  I have not suffered from heartburn since I started this eating plan. I feel more alert when I am awake but find myself sometimes needing a nap.  The scale is down another 3 lbs.

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Rethink:  This week I am going to try not to eat out as often since that seems to be where I find myself without an control over cooking methods and amounts of oils and butters used.  This shouldn't be too hard to do as there is not much on the schedule for the week. 

We get our Little Miss this evening. Tomorrow we are thinking of going for a ride to Frankenmuth where Nic and Pierre are set up selling their Petoskey and Pine Products, so we will probably eat out this day.  Monday we have an appointment with a financial advisor.  Wednesday and Thursday, Frank has doctor appointments. We are still awaiting the appraisal report on the house we are buying and still waiting for the appraiser to come and check out this house for our buyers.  Once that is complete we will be given closing dates.

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Regroup: So I am getting back on track here.  I am going to plan my meals more carefully and when I do go out, I will order more carefully.  I am halfway there!!!  I am going to start this regroup as I start each week, by planning my Weekly Menu and sharing it with you.

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