Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Boy it sure is quiet around here.....

It was strange awakening this morning and not have anyone at the house with me but Frank and the mutts.  All of my company has left and life has suddenly gotten very quiet.

Yesterday, when I awoke my brother was still here.  We had breakfast together and visited before he headed out on his Harley, northeast bound to our TC family for the night.  Soon after he left, our Little Angel Face was dropped off so her mama could work.  She will be 2 in September and I don't want you to think I am biased or anything but......she is a little genius!!!  When she plays with her magnet letters on the refrigerator, she puts them all facing the correct way, turning them and moving them until they do.  She talks non stop and recognizes that if we refer to her and say "you're fine" or "you're getting big" that when she says it she should refer to herself "I'm fine" and "I'm big".  Not only that she can comprehend the difference between a group of something ie: animals in the zoo and individual things ie: penguins are one type of animal at the zoo.  Not only is she the smartest little baby in the world but she is also the cutest....Don't trust me cuz I'm her Grammy???  Just take a look for yourself!

We went to the park.  We started off on the swings, checked out the bumblebees and spent a good hour at the splash pad.  Then she came up and requested a towel, climbed on my lap and put her head on my shoulder.  I figured it was time to go home for lunch and a nap.....I'm quick like that.

She had hotdogs and peaches.  Frank and I had leftover Turkey Chili. YUM.  Then she took an hour and a half nap.  When she awoke we took her home, mama was finishing up a last minute project so while we waited for her to return we played on Mel's new swingset and she got to go into her wading pool barenaked. She was in her glory.

On the way home we stopped out for dinner.  Yesterday was not a perfect day for my eating plan but it wasn't a total fail either.  I had scallops which aren't on the list for Phase 1.  I didn 't realize that until after I had ordered.  I also had sauteed spinach and mushrooms which are allowed but I am sure they were cooked in butter, which is not, and they contained bits of prosciutto.  Delicious but not on the list.  There were no grains on the menu that were on the list so I ordered steamed asparagus instead and did not have a grain with my dinner last night.  It was the first day of this diet that the scale wasn't a pound lower in the morning. It wasn't a pound higher either though so I am just going to enjoy the memory of those buttery, flavorful scallops.

That's it.....oh....after dinner we stopped and saw Miss Sue, who is home from the hospital and doing very well.  We had a nice visit. When we came home we finally watched the season finale of Outlanders.  It was on dvr but I didn't think it was appropriate to watch with my Molly, who is only 6 yrs old, staying at the house.  I can't wait for the next season to begin.  Are you an Outlander fan?  You can learn a little more about the series in my review of Written in My Own Heart's Blood which is the 8th book in the series.  The 9th hasn't come out yet but I wish it would hurry up. 

Tonight we are having dinner at Kirsten and John's and then going for a boat ride.  They have a classic, wooden Chris Craft.  Just a gorgeous boat and it is supposed to be a beautiful night.  See you tomorrow.


  1. I cannot believe that little on is going to be 2.Where has the time gone?? She is so cute. You guys look like you are having fun with her!!


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