Saturday, January 22, 2022

Lamb and Lupin Kofte with a Vasse Felix Filius Cabernet #WorldWineTravel

Delicious lamb meatballs known as kafta in Lebanon and kofte in other countries mixed with lupin flakes made from a legume grown in Australia were a huge hit in our house, especially when paired with a Cabernet from Western Australia.  Surprising to me because my husband and youngest profess to not liking lamb but loved these kofte.

Kofte and Wine

These kafta are made with ground lamb and lupini flakes.  I had never heard of lupini flakes before but I guess they are quite popular in Australian cooking.  I found them on Amazon and ordered up a bag.  These kafta are sooooo good!! I can't wait to try the flakes in other applications.
Map of Western Australia

The World Wine Travel group is heading to Australia this year.  Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla is starting the year off with a trip to Western Australia.  I am excited to visit the foods and wines of OZ and anxious to see what the others are sharing.  Let's take a look:

We are going to be getting together on twitter chat today to talk about the wines we tried and the pairings we made.  You are welcome to join us, just follow #worldwinetravel at 11 AM ET to find us.


I was excited when Australia was chosen for this year's destination.  I feel an affinity to Australia because, being from Michigan, I also live down under.  The folks who live in our Upper Peninsula call us Trolls because we live below the bridge that connects our State.

I ordered up a bottle of Vasse Felix Cabernet from for this exploration of Western Australia.  Vasse Felix was established in 1967 and is Margaret River's founding estate.  This information from convinced me that this was the wine to buy to showcase this part of the country.

"Established in 1967 by regional pioneer Dr Tom Cullity, Vasse Felix is Margaret River's founding wine estate. Pristine isolation, ancient lands and twin oceans make Margaret River a wine paradise and one of the world’s greatest environments to grow ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. These varieties, alongside Shiraz and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc blends are the primary focus at Vasse Felix. All wines are grown in Vasse Felix’s four Margaret River vineyards then vinified and bottled within the modern winery, situated at the Home Vineyard overlooking the Wilyabrup Brook. The Vasse Felix Cellar Door - also located at the Home Vineyard - is renowned. Featuring a tasting room, wine lounge, art gallery, wine museum and one of Australia's most acclaimed restaurants, visitors are welcomed from all around the world, eager for the ultimate Vasse Felix experience.

 There are many things that make Vasse Felix the special place it is: the incredible environment and climate of Margaret River, their secure family ownership, their treasured heritage, and their priceless vineyards. But above all, it's the dedication of the entire team to continue Dr Cullity's original aim for Vasse Felix: "to make the best possible wine"."


Once I had decided on the wine, it was time to start researching the foods of Western Australia.  When I spied this recipe from the Farmer Jack grocery chain, I knew it would pair nicely with a Cabernet.  Again it gave me connection to Australia as Farmer Jack used to be a popular grocery chain here in Michigan at one time.  

lupin flakes

The only problem was that I had never heard of Lupin.  I researched that and learned that they are dried legumes that are grown in Australia and are high in protein and fiber.  In Australia they are touted as a superfood that is gluten free and keto friendly.

I thought about using a different filler but lupin is what makes this recipe Australian instead of Lebanese which is the recipe I normally use for Kafta.  So I continued my research with a visit to Amazon where I was able to order these flakes and receive same day delivery.  I also found a website filled with recipes for using this product.


This wine is everything that I love in a Cabernet Sauvignon.  It pours a lovely deep garnet  It is smooth and medium bodied with hints of leather and lots of fruit.  It paired marvelously with the Lamb Kofte which was my favorite meal that I made this month.  


  1. Your dish sounds delicious, but for a non-lamb eater, what other protein would you suggest?
    The wine sounds delicious, Cabs from this area are supposed to be divine!

  2. I'm not a big lamb eater, but these sound delicious. I am curious about the lupin flakes. Are they small? Sounds good.

    1. I posted a photo of them Terri, they look like cereal flakes

  3. Lupin flakes? That's a new one I'll need to research. I'm a big fan of lamb and Lebanese cuisine. Sounds delish with this Aussie cab!

    1. It was Linda. I hadn't heard of Lupin flakes either but apparantly they are very popular in Australia

  4. It so interesting to read about the Lupin and how it's the twist that makes it Australian. It's always so cool to see how recipes morph when the travel. I'm sure they were delicious with the wine!


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