Thursday, January 13, 2022

Chocolate Coffee Martini #ImprovCookingChallenge

This creamy, chocolatey, coffee flavored Martini will be the perfect ending to your Valentine's Day dinner.

Chocolate Coffee Martini

Whether you like to eat in or out on Valentine's Day, this cocktail will be the perfect ending to your evening.
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Each month some of us get together for a fun cooking challenge where we all create a recipe that contains two ingredients.  They are not hard ingredients to pair or to find.  They are just ingredients that can be combined to make many delicious recipes.  It is fun to see what everyone finds to make with the combinations.  

This month we are pairing Chocolate and Coffee.  Let's see what everyone came up with.......

  • Chocolate Tiramisu from Pandemonium Noshery
  • Chocolate Coffee Martini from A Day in the life on the Farm
  • Espresso Chocolate Cream Buns from Magical Ingredients
  • Eggless Mocha Cake from Sneha’s Recipe
  • Chocolate Coffee Bundt Cake from Cookaholic Wife

  • Chocolate Coffee Martini Pin

    I prefer cooking in for Valentine's Day.  We are lucky enough to be able to go out for nice dinners a couple of times a month so I would much rather stay home on the days that the restaurants are going to be filled to capacity, especially now with the pandemic raging again.

    Praying that this latest surge will be over before Valentine's but more likely it's going to be in the Spring when we can start socializing outdoors again.  

    I know that Valentine's is over a month away but I took down my Christmas decor last week and replace it with decorations for Chinese New Year which we will be celebrating on February 4th and Valentine's Day.  This got me into the mood to start planning celebrations and menus.  It doesn't take much for my mind to drift to food, drink and entertaining.

    So when Juli of Pandemonium Noshery invited us to join her  and Nichole of Cookaholic Wife in making a recipe containing chocolate and coffee I knew that I wanted to serve up either a cocktail or a dessert.  This recipe is both in one delicious bite or sip, as the case may be.

    It is rich, decadent, and the perfect way to finish dinner and continue the celebration of your love whether that be with your spouse, significant other, family, friends or just by yourself, luxuriating in self care.


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