Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Slow Cooked Asian Chicken #NationalSlowCookerMonth

Tender, white meat chicken slow cooked to perfection with Asian flavors creates a moist, delicious entree with very little work. 

Asian Chicken Plate

Today is the second installment for National Slow Cooker Month......

Ashley of Cheese Curd In Paradise is hosting this 3 day event.  On Monday I shared Teriyaki Ribs with you.  Let's see what is being shared today......

Welcome to our #NationalSlowCookerMonth Celebration! 

January is National Slow Cooker Month and this week we are celebrating all things slow cooker! We have delicious recipes from across the country to fill your meal plans with delicious slow cooker recipes!

Asian Chicken

Chicken can be tricky in the slow cooker, especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  You need to make sure that it doesn't get over cooked and dry.  Chicken thighs are much more slow cooker friendly but I had breasts in my freezer so that's what I went with.

I used two large chicken breasts and cut each into 3 pieces so that I had sizes and thicknesses that were similar.  Boneless, skinless breasts need only a few hours in the slow cooker so if you aren't available for a longer period of time you might want to use thighs.

Asian Chicken Pin

The flavors in this dish are amazing.  I made this on a day when I was home but busy putting away all my Christmas decorations.  The house smelled amazing by the time we were finishing up.  A quick stir fry of some veggies, a quick heat of a quinoa/brown rice mixture and dinner was served.


  1. That Asian honey sauce sounds amazing. Perfect for the slow cooker.

  2. Love the rice wine vinegar addition, adds the perfect touch!

  3. My family will love this! We've been trying to do more "take-out" at home meals. We love our Asian flavored meals.

  4. We love Asian foods but rarely make them ourselves. This one we have to try.

  5. Love the flavors! A dinner without effort is amazing!

  6. Ginger always makes Asian chicken the best!

  7. I love a sweet and salty sauce with chicken. My family would love this!


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