Friday, January 28, 2022

Gamberi al Cioccolato #ChocolateWeek

This dish is a fun take on Shrimp Scampi.  The addition of a Dark Chocolate Drizzle makes this dish feel a bit more decadent and special.

Gamberi al Cioccolato

Today is Fish Friday and the final day of Chocolate Week......
Christie of A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures invited us to join her all week long in sharing Chocolate recipes.   There have been some great recipes being shared.  You can find them all by searching #chocolateweek on social media.

More Chocolate Recipes

Today is the final day of Chocolate Week and since it is also a Friday I wanted to find a fish/seafood recipe that used chocolate.

Shrimp with Chocolate pin

I found this Italian Recipe on Food Network.  I also found a recipe from Italy, however it is in Italian and since I can't read Italian I went with this one.  It turned out lovely and I was happy knowing that it was an actual, traditional recipe.

dinner plate

I wasn't sure what to serve with a Chocolate Shrimp.  Should I put it over pasta?  If I do should I thin out some of the chocolate and make a sauce?  Should I make some homemade chocolate pasta?  That seems like a lot of work and I still don't know what sauce I would use.  

In the end, I roasted up some vegetables and opened up a package of Quinoa/Brown Rice mixture.  It was perfect.  My husband and Teen chose to have their shrimp scampi sans chocolate.  Their loss....
It was so good.


  1. Another savory use for chocolate that I've never thought of!

  2. I might be convinced to try shrimp if it's doused in chocolate! Leave it to the Italians! YAY, I know my hubby would love this recipe!

    1. I was surprised that I liked it actually. I love shrimp and couldn't believe I was drizzling them with chocolate.

  3. What a creative recipe! Never thought to use dark chocolate!

  4. What an interesting way to use chocolate with shrimp.

  5. This is definitely an interesting recipe and I love dark chocolate...must try!

  6. Love the use of chocolate in savory meal! You have tons of ideas and love all of them!

  7. I'll bite! Two of my favorite things!

  8. I bet that tasted so interesting. A unique way to use chocolate.


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