Sunday, January 10, 2016

Chicken and Mushroom Vol au Vent and the Weekly Menu

We had company over yesterday so I never got an opportunity to post our Weekly Menu.  I thought I would include it in today's post where I am featuring a post for Weekends in a French Kitchen.  A group of us are working our way through this cookbook by Mimi Thorisson.  I was late to the party but I am trying to catch up and have enjoyed the couple of recipes I have made thus far including Pumpkin Soup and Scallops over Braised Endive.

This week the selection is Vol au Vent which can be found on page 236.  Mimi's recipe that she shared is more classic, including veal sweet breads in the filling.  I omitted those.  I also reduced the recipe to serve only the 2 of us.  I used a white button mushrooms in place of the morels, an American brandy in place of the Armagnac and chicken broth with sour cream in place of the creme fraiche.  I also added some peas for color and nutritional purposes.

I used frozen puff pastry.
I made my shells larger than called for as it was going to be our dinner.

I used shallots, white mushrooms, precooked (leftover) chicken.
I also added some peas to the mixture.

The recipe called for 1 c. creme fraiche.
I used 1 c. chicken broth and then added 2 T. sour cream at the end to help thicken the sauce.

We liked it very much.  It is the French Version of Chicken Pot Pie so how could you go wrong?  I am linking up with the others who participated this week. Stop by the LYL post to see their adaptations of this classic French recipe.

We enjoyed this last Thursday instead of the Roasted Chicken and Asparagus that I have moved to this evening's dinner.  On Wednesday, Amy's childhood best friends and their mom are joining us for dinner. Then on Friday Kim and Kurt and John and Kirsten are coming over for dinner and games. What a busy week.

On to the Weekly Menu.  As I mentioned at the beginning of this post we had some of our dive family here for dinner last night.  We served a Mexican Fiesta, I will be posting more about that and the rest of the menu later on, so make sure you stop by frequently for photos and recipes.

Saturday-Friends for Dinner
Chips, Salsa and Guacamole
Tortilla Soup
Build your own Tacos
Fruit Empanadas

Roast Chicken and Asparagus
Mashed Potatoes

Meatless Monday
Spinach and Mushroom Crepes

Tuesday-Linda and Natalie for dinner
Egg Rolls
Cashew Chicken
Steamed Rice

Wednesday-Friends for Dinner
Herb Stuffed Yankee Pot Roast
Root Vegetables
Dessert by Lucy

Pizza Pasta Bake

Fish Friday-Friends for Dinner
Smoked Salmon Mousse with Crostini
Clam Chowder
Mixed Greens with Dried Fruits and Candied Nuts
Fish in Crazy Water
Smashed Dijon Potatoes


  1. Mmmm... that looks really good! And I like that you substituted simpler ingredients. Oh - and can I come for dinner on Wednesday? Yankee pot roast sounds devine!

  2. I grew up eating Vol au Vent with many different kinds of fillings so I think you can feel rather justified with your substitutions! Your weekly menu also looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Tammy. I can imagine plenty of great fillings for the pastry and it is so elegant looking that it would be wonderful to serve to guests. A perfect wedding or baby shower dish.


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