Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Tales

It's been a while since I have posted without the a link up to a club or group so I thought I would just drop by today and let you know how things are progressing here on the farm.

I had told you that Saturday we were going with Tingting and Little Miss to see Sesame Street Live. I was a little concerned that Melody was too young but I was wrong.  She absolutely LOVED it.  She was dancing and clapping and laughing.  I didn't see too much of the show because I was busy watching her having so much fun.  About 15 minutes before the show was over, she climbed into Mama's lap, turned her back on the stage and laid her head on Mama's shoulder.  We took this as a cue that we should leave, thinking she would fall asleep in the car and get a nap in before dinner.  She didn't.  Of course, we were then concerned that she was going to be a crabapple in the restaurant. Nicole was working and Pierre met us at her restaurant for dinner.  We needn't have worried. We sat there for 2 hrs. visiting and eating.  Little Miss colored and played with stickers, ate all her food and was a complete Angel Face the entire time!!

Sunday, Tami and the kids were supposed to come over for dinner but EJ was sick and they were unable to join us.  I had taken 2 chickens out of the freezer to roast so our Weekly Menu has undergone a huge change.  We had fried chicken legs and thighs on Sunday and chicken and dumplings last night.  Tonight we are switching things up a bit and having pork but then we will be back to chicken again as I figure out what to make with the second bird defrosted in my refrigerator.

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Ok....to the subject I have been avoiding.  Mom is still hanging on....why?  I have no idea....she is now just a skeleton wrapped in skin.  My heart breaks each time I look at her.  I don't know how to help her and I pray each day that God will take her soon.  I am wondering what lesson God might be trying to teach me through this trial.  I hope that I figure it out and learn it soon so that Mom can be in peace.  She has been very restless for the past few days.  Throwing off her blankets and taking off her nightgown.  Every time I check on her I have to put the blankets back on and several times I have found her naked, uncovered and ice cold.  I don't know how to calm her.  I have been giving her anti anxiety meds for the past 2 days but they don't seem to be helping.  The nurse is supposed to be here today sometime so hopefully she will have some advice for me.  

I don't want to leave you on a sad note so I will tell you that Little Miss started her swimming lessons again.  She is there right now and then she is going to come spend the day with me while her Mama works.  I always look forward to having her little body full of energy and life running around my house.

Have a good day all. 


  1. All our prayers are for a quiet, peaceful passing of our beautiful mother. Thanks for all your loving care. We love you all.

    1. She seems to be resting peacefully now. I pray that she and Pops are reunited soon.

  2. There is no way of us ever knowing what or why they are hanging on. Some just do. I would sit and talk with Richard at the end and tell him it was okay for him to "go home" that I would be okay! When I was at the hospital it seemed to help when the family would tell them it was okay for them to 'go'. My heart is with you Wendy! My brothers always told me that the reason my mom passed while I was out of the country is because I would not have let her go. Such sweet stories of your little angel!! God Bless you!! I am thankful that you have her at home with you!!

    1. I am too Paula. I had such a hard time putting her into the memory care center but I am glad I did. I think it made the last couple of years better for her, however once she could no longer participate in activities and needed constant care it was a no brainer to bring her back home.

  3. Heartfelt thoughts and prayers that your Mother feels no pain and Will soon enter rest, safe in the arms of our Lord.


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