Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Review: Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz

I am a huge Dean Koontz fan.  Ever since I read Watchers way back in 1987, I was hooked.  I used to read a lot of Steven King as well but then he just got to weird for me.  Dean Koontz, on the other hand, makes me believe that maybe, just maybe, the things he writes about could really be.  I try not to think about it too much LOL....

Ashley Bell

The protagonist in this story, Bibi, tried very hard not to think about it either. So hard, in fact, that her grandfather gave her a trick for "forgetting".  But now, Bibi's life is on the line and she needs to remember exactly what it was that she so needed to forget.

Taking place in two different realms the story keeps you interested with all the twists and turns as you try to figure out just what exactly is truth and what is fiction.  Or is there a distinction at all??

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  1. Sounds like another good one. Sigh...on to put it on my ever-growing list!!


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