Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Saga Continues.....

Is this week over yet??

Ok onto plan 867 for the tree.

You may recall we took out all the lamps, 2000 of them.  We replaced 3 sections of lamps, about 1200 of them....not one of the 3 sections worked properly and the third section did not light at all!! Now this is supposed to be a happy time of year but let me tell has not been happy in this house when we are working on that dang tree!!

This is what my living room has looked like all week.

There is tree everywhere you look.
We take turns putting different sections into the stand as we work on them.
There is nowhere to walk, no place to sit and you wouldn't want to be here anyway because we are CRABBY!!!

The new plan now is that we take all the strings of lights.....that are very thoroughly and completely wrapped around every single piece of green on this tree...completely off.  Then, Frank plans on going out and buying new strings of lights (yes, yes we DO know we just spent $500 on lightbulbs!!) and we are restringing the tree.  If it looks nice we are keeping the tree and stringing it each year as we did before prestrung trees were available.  If it doesn't look nice it is going to have to suffice for this year and after Christmas we will get a new tree.

I am having a party here in 2 days people!!!  2 Days!!  Ting is coming over tomorrow and we will at least get the basement decorated so that we are halfway ready for Santa's visit and John and Kirsten are having mercy on us and coming over for dinner tomorrow night and a tree trimming marathon. 
Tamie will be here to clean around all the mess that is everywhere.  We are so lucky to have people in our lives that want to help and assure that Frank and I don't kill each other before Christmas.

That will just leave me with figuring out the menu, shopping and cooking on Saturday so that we are ready for the festivities on Sunday.  HO HO HO

I am not really ranting and raving here...this post is mostly tongue in cheek.  Frank and I still love each other (I think) and Christmas is still one of our favorite times of year (for the moment).  I am sure Mom's party will be perfect and it is only going to be family anyway so it doesn't have to be beautifully decorated.  It is all about just spending time together (or so they say).  And if worse comes to worse.....God gave us pizza parlors that deliver LOL.

How is your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza season going??


  1. Oh how I remember the year that Richard and I went through this. The cussing and the discussing that went on. Even my brother came and tried to help. We did what you are talking about and took all the lights off and restrung with $1.99 twinkle lights and I HATED it but we kept it that year. Then I tossed it and bought a new tree. Those dang pre-lit trees that are supposed to make our lives so much easier are fantastic....until they aren't anymore. Good luck with whatever you guys decide.

    1. Thanks Paula. Hopefully by this evening it will be a done deal.

    2. I hope so can be so stressful!

    3. Well we didn't get completely done but we got a good chunk out of the way. Tomorrow we will finish up and Sunday will be relaxed and fun with all the kiddos.


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