Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom and Pops

Today would have been my parent's 77th Wedding Anniversary.

This is on their 70th as they wait to renew their vows.

This is at the party following Mass when the family was complete and intact.
Before we lost Pops. Before we lost Danny.  Before Mom lost her mind.
Seven short years how quickly life changes.

There were some changes in our plans here today as well.  We slept in this morning, straightened up a bit and then went to the movies...this was all in our plan.  We went and saw Unbroken.  It was very about life changing for you in a flash!!!  We were then going to stop in and see Mom before coming home to make Brocolli Soup for dinner.  But on the way to the show we saw that a new Mexican Restaurant had opened in town so we ended up going there after the movie instead.  It was pretty good and we were happy because there were no Mexican Restaurants close to us since our old one burnt to the ground a couple of years ago.  

Then we stopped and saw Mom on the way home.  She was busy making placemats for their NYE party.  They are having hats and noisemakers and special party foods.  Countdown will begin 10 seconds before Noon on Wednesday.  Mom, of course, doesn't remember that it was just Christmas. She doesn't remember being at the house with all of us who love her.  She doesn't remember being married at all, let alone for nearly 74 years before Pop's passed.  But she remembers that I am her sister (today I was her baby sister) and she remembers that I love her and she is happy amidst all the changes life brings so that makes me happy as well.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this today

  2. Life does change so quickly and without warning quite often.
    I hope that the New Year will hold happiness and good memories waiting to be made.

  3. Wishing you a very happy new year. It's sweet that your mother remembers you as her little sister. Ah, Life.... it is good if we don't hang onto the hurt for too long.

    1. It helps knowing that Mom is happy. Thanks for the good wishes Zip.


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