Friday, September 8, 2023

Snacks, Wine, and Game Night #WinePW

I got a new game, Wine-Opoly, for my birthday from Roz.  My friends and family know me well.  


When Camilla of Culinary Cam invited me to join her in Take Us to School for our Wine Pairing Weekend Event, I decided I would share this game with you today.  After all, learning can and should be fun!!!

game night with Prosecco

Frank popped us some corn, I popped us some bubbly and we sat down to play Wine-Opoly, A Full-Bodied, Well-Balanced Wine Trading Game with a Fun Finish.  This game is like Monopoly but the deeds are for wineries and you have Wine Quiz cards that reward you for correct answers.

Regular readers of my blog know that I am not a bubbly wine kind of gal.  However, surprisingly, I do enjoy sparkling wine when I am eating popcorn.  Besides, we were playing my birthday game.  That means we were still celebrating my birthday, and nothing makes a person feel happier or more festive than popping the cork of a nice bottle of bubbly.


I had a bottle of Terra Batista Prosecco in my wine fridge that I had received in one of my cases of wine from WSJ Wine Club.  I decided that I would open it to share with you for this Take Us to School event as a reminder that we never stop learning.  

For example, I have learned, over the years,  that not all Sparkling Wines are the same, and while Champagne may be the King of Sparkling, other areas and countries have wines that sparkle just as brightly.  

I have tasted and reviewed bubbly from Brazil, Michigan, and California as well as Sparkling Lambrusco,  a Cava from Spain, and a Cremant from France

I have also shared several other Prosecco pairings.  Three different kinds paired with Appetizers in one post and one kind paired with appetizers of Blue Cheese and Walnut Puffs and Toast Points with Smoked Salmon and Watercress Cream.  

The nice thing about Sparkling Wine is that it is extremely food-friendly, perfect for any celebration you may be enjoying.  Sparkling wine is also wonderful to use in cocktails like this Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail,  and Jack Frosties.

I also use sparkling wine in cooking recipes.  Strawberries macerated in Sparkling wine with Chantilly Creme is lovely, and once you try this fish batter made with Sparkling Wine you will never use a beer batter again!!

I also like using Sparkling Wine to steam seafood.  OH MY YUM! 

Well, that's enough schooling about Sparkling Wines in general.  Let's talk a little bit about this particular bottle.  Terra Baptista Spumante Prosecco is made by winemaker, Cristian Tombacco, in Italy's Veneto region. The winery was named after Cristian's grandfather from whom he learned winemaking. 

The wine pours almost clear.  It is full of citrus, almost like drinking a glass of sparkling lemonade.  Dry but with a touch of sweetness that keeps you from puckering. It was a fun, refreshing treat with the popcorn.

Ooops.....there's the bell.  Time to choose your next class.......


  1. What a fun game! I will have to look for that...and bubbly is always a winner in my book.


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