Friday, September 15, 2023

Fall is in the Air #Winophiles

Fall is a very busy time of year.  Folks are getting back to school and work, sports and after-curricular events are scheduled each night of the week. In this household, we are pulling out the fall decor, closing up the pool, and getting back to choir, as well as preparing to leave in 10 days for our trip to Egypt.

Fall Decorations

Apparently, I am not alone in my busyness as there was no French Winophiles event on the schedule for this month.  I was disappointed but completely understood.  Then Camilla of Culinary Cam stepped forward and announced she would host "Fall Flavors Around France".  There is a great recipe for braised duck legs in Cam's preview post.

Wine with sign

I was very happy that she grabbed the horse by the reins, however, Frank and I had both come down with COVID and were quarantined until today.  Not to be deterred I went into my wine fridge and pulled out the only bottle of Red French wine that I had remaining.  

The label said that this wine is perfect with grilled meats but we are celebrating Fall and to me, that means the grill is set aside in favor of slow-roasted and oven-baked meals.  I was making a Meatloaf inspired by the film The Shape of Water for our Movies & Munchies group.  I am posting that recipe and the review of the movie tomorrow.

Chateau Despagnet Bordeaux

This Bordeaux blend from Saint-Emilion was included in one of my WSJ wine shipments.  It is, like all Bordeaux wines, very dry, bold and tannic.  These are characteristics that I love in a wine and I enjoyed this wine very much.  I can see how this would pair amazingly well with a grilled beef or venison steak.

dinner with wine

So how did this impromptu pairing work out?  It was amazing.  The wine is a lovely bottle that I enjoyed sipping while dinner cooked.  The meatloaf has a slight sweetness to it that complements the bold, dark flavors of the wine.  I daresay that this wine would be a perfect choice for any red meat regardless of preparation.

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