Friday, July 5, 2019

Summertime and the Living is Easy with Prosecco DOCG in my Glass #ItalianFWT

Before I left on vacation I was lucky enough to receive 3 lovely bottles of Prosecco DOCG!!  Tomorrow I, along with the rest of the Italian FWT group, will be sharing our thoughts on these sparkling, crisp wines.

These wines were arranged by Liz of What's in that Bottle and provided by Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Zone.  All opinions are strictly my own and I received no monetary compensation for this post.

This party is being hosted by Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla for our Italian FWT Group.  You will learn more at her Invitation Post.

Cam chose this wine because Prosecco DOC is celebrating their 50th anniversary and their DOCG region is celebrating 10 years this year.  The Consorzio sent many of us bottles to celebrate and the neatest thing is that they sent out different bottles to each of us.  This is going to make for great twitter chat following any or all of these hashtags.  #ItalianFWT, #proseccosuperiore coneglianovaldobbiadene #proseccodocg #proseccoelevated

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Sparkling wines, in my opinion, are wonderful summer wines.  Something about that light, crisp, effervescence immediately cools me off on a hot, sweltering day.  These amazing Prosecco DOCG wines provided Consorzio were served up at the Teen's birthday party.  Not to the teens of course but only to the adults over 21 years of age in Mi.  Please do not indulge in drinking if under age and please,  especially if you are driving, drink responsibly.

This party was on a Friday evening.  Guests were arriving any time after 5 pm and dinner wasn't planned until 7 pm to allow those who were working time to arrive.

I set up an appetizer buffet for those guests who arrived early to enjoy while awaiting dinner.  Prosecco is a perfect wine to serve with appetizers of all sorts but especially with seafood.  

When Kirsten's sister, Katrina, arrived with her new daughter in law, Erica.  They were excited to try these wines along with me.  I was excited to have someone with whom to discuss these wines.  Frank is NOT a fan of sparkling wine and no help to me at all during tastings for bubbly.

The first bottle we opened was the Sanguefreddo, extra dry.  It is very dry and crisp.  Other descriptors used as we tasted were bright, lemony, and a bit of bitter.  Not bitter in an off putting way but bitter like grapefruit is bitter.  It poured nearly clear with tiny streams of bubbles rising constantly. 

This wine is 90% Glera and 10% Verdisso and Bianchetta.  The grapes are grown in the heart of the DOCG area, on sloping hillsides that rise to the Dolomites.  It smells of yeast and citrus.  It was wonderful on it's own and also with a bite of shrimp cocktail.

The second bottle we opened was the Mionetto Valdobbiadene.  This wine also poured almost clear but with a bit more bubbles than in the Sanguefreddo.  It uses only Glera grapes from the DOCG region of Italy.  

It is creamy and light.  It has great acidity and is very citrusy.  This bottle was my personal favorite of the three.  I felt like I was biting into a tart green apple when sipping this wine.  This was the bottle I kept coming back to as I grazed the appetizer selections of cheese and smoked salmon.

The final bottle that we opened was this Col Sandago Vigna Del Cuc.  You can see my lovely friend Kim in the background there.  She chose not to taste, preferring a glass of red wine with her appetizers.

This wine poured a touch more golden than the others.  It is also 100% Glera from the DOCG region.   It also had a constant stream of tiny bubbles to tickle the nose.  This wine was described by me and my friends as clean and crisp, with flavors of apple and lemon peel.  This wine was bitter as well which made me happy.  

I enjoyed this wine tasting very much even though it was cut short by the arrival of more and more guests as time went by.  We left on vacation the day following the party and I am sitting in a hotel room surrounded by happy memories while writing this post.  

I will be joining in twitter chat while in the car en route from our son in Virginia to our friend in Pennsylvania.  Please stop by and join the fun tomorrow (7/6) at 11 AM ET.  You will find us by following  #ItalianFWT, #proseccosuperioredconeglianovaldobbiadene #proseccodocg #proseccoelevated.  
It should be a great discussion based on the posts by the others.......



  1. What a FUN party. If I lived closer, I would have crashed it! Cheers. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

    1. We are but I am always anxious to get home. Larry, Mary and their grandson arrived at my house today so they are holding down the fort for us until we get home.

  2. Definitely great appetizer wine! Somehow I missed the boat and didn't do any seafood with our Prosecco Superiore. Next time!

  3. I could make an entire meal of these appetizers and Prosecco!

  4. Sounds like a great time with friends and fizz!

  5. Prosecco is a great idea for a party! It's definitely a crowd pleaser! I definitely would have liked to have tried the Mionetti. I've had the DOC bottle a few times and it would have been interesting to compare to the DOCG version. Certainly different packaging!

  6. I've seen the Mionetto Valdobbiadene in the store, so nice to know that was your favorite because I'll get that next time! I like that the main pairing with Prosecco was your friends and that may be the best of all. :)

  7. Appetizers + Prosecco DOCG = Perfect Party! So many Prosecco DOCG wines to try. Cheers!

  8. I love how so many Italian foods and wines contain that touch of bitterness, and as you say, in a nice way!

  9. An appetizer buffet and Prosecco DOCG sounds like the perfect party. Great article.

  10. What a fun way to enjoy wine.

    1. Would have been even better if I could have tasted with you Paula.


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