Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail #EattheWorld

Toast in Halloween, better known as All Saint's Eve, Italian style with this Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail.

The pumpkin is courtesy of my granddaughter.  Not bad for a just turned 4 year old........

We are celebrating Halloween around the World today with our friend, Evelyne of CulturEatz.  She thought it would be fun to learn about other cultures to learn if and how they celebrate the American tradition of Halloween.

As luck would have it, I had recently acquired a box of Freaky Fruits from Melissa's Produce who is sponsoring an upcoming event called Freaky Fruits Friday.  I will be posting some recipes using those fruits for the next two Fridays.  Melissa's was very generous though and I had way more fruit than I needed for 2 recipes, including these blood oranges.

I love blood oranges and use them quite often for salads.  I first came to learn about blood oranges in an Italian Cookbook.  Italy is one of 3 countries known for their blood oranges.  I knew that I was going to visit Italy for Halloween with Eat the World.

Research pointed out to me that Halloween in Italy is recently acquired having been seen in American films, television shows and media.  However, Italy has always celebrated All Saints Day on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd, as we do here in many Christian religions.  All Hallow's Eve is celebrated in many countries the day before All Saints Day and is what we refer to as Halloween.  

I punched in Italian Halloween Recipe in my google search bar and found this website.  It is titled Italian Halloween Recipes.  The only thing is.....It is subtitled Great Chicago Italian Recipes.  So I don't know how authentic this is or whether they really drink these cocktails in Italy for Halloween BUT, evidently, Italians here in the USA drink them to celebrate Halloween so I figured they met the requirements of this theme.

Two blood oranges and a split of Prosecco gave me enough for two cocktails.  I did not add a sugar cube to my cocktails as I prefer bitter to sweet.  If you like Campari, you will like this cocktail.  I actually had to research to see if, in fact, Campari is made from Blood Oranges.  What I did learn is that it is made from several different types of citrus.  

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Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail

prep time: 5 minscook time: total time: 5 mins
Toast in Halloween, better known as All Saint's Eve, Italian style with this Blood Orange Prosecco Cocktail.


1/2 c. blood orange juice
1 split of Prosecco


Pour 1/4 c. of blood orange juice into each of two champagne glasses.  Top with well chilled Prosecco.  Serve immediately.


Inspired by a recipe found at Italian Halloween Recipes

Please drink responsibly
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  1. I love blood oranges! The color is the best!

  2. That is one beautiful cocktail! I love that color.

    1. Thanks Cam. If you are a bitter fan, as I am, you will love this cocktail.

  3. I love blood oranges too, this is a great drink. Campari, or even better Aperol!

  4. A very pretty cocktail, and perfect for the holiday! I do love prosecco, and usually get the Zonin 3-packs, so they don't lose the fizz if it's just me having one.


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