Saturday, September 13, 2014

Socializing Saturday and the Weekly Menu

Today we are going to Roz and Ron's for a Rib Fest.  It is a competition between Ron and one of Frank's cousins so the food should be scrumptious.

Tomorrow we are going to a birthday party. The rest of the week looks pretty quiet unless the baby decides to make her entrance.

So here is the weekly menu, as always it is subject to change and I will be posting photos and recipes as the week progresses.  On Monday I will be linking up with MPM.  You should check it out if you are looking for tons of great menu ideas.

Rib Fest at Roz and Ron's

Dinner at Birthday Party

Meatless Monday
Vegetable Soup

Try it Tuesday
Chuck Roast in Foil


Hot Dogs
Baked Beans

Garlic Shrimp and Green Beans
Steamed Rice

A year ago-A Lesson Learned

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