Thursday, September 11, 2014

Food n Flix- Funny Girl presents The Fanny Brice Sandwich

Wooohoooooo it is time for Food n Flix again.  This is a fun little club where you are assigned a movie to watch and then you create a dish inspired by the film. It is a lot of  fun and you are welcome to join us. Just stop by here and learn how.  This month's Food n Flix feature, as chosen by Caroline Makes, is Funny Girl.

I checked and Funny Girl is not scheduled to play on tv this month, so I made a trip to my local library and ordered it up.  I love libraries!!

Funny Girl is the story of Fanny Brice, a jewish girl who dreams of being on stage and is determined to do whatever she needs to make her dream come true. Fanny comes from a typical jewish family who lives in a typical jewish neighborhood where they own the neighborhood bar. It is the love story of Fanny and Nick who is an elegant, dashing and rich professional gambler who sweeps Fannie off of her feet and into his arms.  It is a comedy and it is a musical.  I enjoyed it very much.  I had never seen it before perhaps because it came out in 1964 so I was just a youngster.  It is an autobiography of Fanny and her habit of using humor to hide her insecurities and fears.  It made me laugh and it made me cry.  

There were quite a few scenes with food or food related conversations.  A couple of times Fanny walked through her neighborhood, outdoor market where there were carts of fish, vegetables, fruits and baked goods.  In one of the scenes Fanny grabs a handful of grapes and is tossing them to a friend as they walk and talk and he is catching them in his mouth.  Then she grabbed a cabbage and tossed that at him too.  She also spoke of herself using the metaphor "I am a bagel on a plate of onion rolls".  There were sandwiches, pickles and beer served in the family bar after Fanny's first performance and there was an elegant dinner of Lobster when Fanny and Nick were on the east coast. There was also a scene where Nick orders them dinner in french and Fanny says she would have just ordered beef and potatoes.  Nick responds that he just did.  There was Pate, and Brown Bread, and Dry Sherry and Fried Chicken.  

For a movie that really had nothing to do with food, there was a lot from which to pick.  So I decided to look at the list that I gave you above and kind of do a "chopped" basket.  I hope you enjoy what I created for you.  I named this the Fanny Brice Sandwich...Because Fanny was such a ham and wished that she were an onion roll instead of a bagel.

The Fanny Brice Sandwich

3 oz. Honey Baked Ham
1 oz. Swiss Cheese
1 Onion Roll
1/4 c. creamy coleslaw

Place the onion roll, sliced side up, onto a cookie sheet and place under the broiler until toasted. Remove from oven and pile the bottom of the onion roll high with the ham and top with the cheese. Place the bottom half with the ham and cheese back under the broiler until the ham is warmed and the cheese is bubbly and melted.  Remove from oven, pile the coleslaw on top of the ham and cheese and cover with the top half of the toasted onion roll.   Serve with a crisp dill pickle.  Print Recipe

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  1. Love the ultimate Deli sandwich you created! Perfect for Fanny!

    1. Thanks Evelyne, not as fancy as yours but still delicious. I am anxious to find out what next month's movie will be.


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