Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We finally got into NYC about 5 pm yesterday and not a moment to soon because I thought (Larry told me) that the Jersey Boys was on Wednesday night but it turned out it was last night.  We hurried and changed our clothes.  Grabbed a hotdog from a street vendor as we walked to the theatre, paid $88 for 3 glasses of wine and a gin and tonic and were seated and ready about 10 minutes before showtime.

I have seen Jersey Boys twice before in Detroit.  In venues much nicer than the Wilson Theatre where we were last night but, let me tell you, the shows did not compare.  It was not Broadway back home in Detroit.  This was magical..the crowd was jump out of their seat excited...the whole atmosphere was electrified.  I never dreamed I would ever get to go to a Broadway show and I certainly hope that it is not the last time that I have the opportunity!!

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  1. So jealous! Someday, I'm going to see a show on Broadway - I may have to do without the $88 of wine!!!

    1. The only thing is, Lisa, after dealing with NYC all day you really need those glasses of wine LOL>


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