Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Authors who I have only read once but need to read more.

It is Top Ten Tuesday.   Today the Broke and the Bookish ask which 10 authors have you read only one book from but need to read more.  This is my list.

  1.   Sara Gruen.  I loved Water for Elephants and she has a couple more books that I really should check out.
  2.  Sandra Dallas.  While I was thinking of it I just ordered up her True Sisters while I was thinking of it.
  3.  Tom Franklin.  Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter kept me glued to the book.  I don't know why I haven't looked him up again.
  4.  Chris Bohjalian.  One of my favorite reads in the past couple of years.  I have a few more of his books on my wish list.  I think I will order them up.  This book is one of those that you want to read again as soon as you finish it because you cannot believe you missed all the clues that would solve this riddle.
  5.  Mary Ann Shaffer.  I loved, loved, loved this book.  I am a big historical fiction fan and this was one of my favorites.  It was different insofar as the entire book is letters written amongst the group.
  6.  Beth Hoffman.  Another one of my favorite books.  This book made me laugh and made me cry.  It is reminiscent of The Secret Life of Bees, if you have read that.  It was filled with wonderfully colorful characters that dragged you into their lives and their hearts.
  7.  Laura Hillenbrand.  This is the same author who wrote Seabiscuit but I never read that I only saw the movie.  Unbroken is slated to be a movie also and I am anxious to see it.
  8. Cutting for Stone Abraham Verghese.  A true love story.
  9.   Markus Zusak.  A very different style of writing that I enjoyed very much.
  10.  John Green.  I don't know if all of Green's works are geared towards YA audiences but if he writes them all as well as he wrote this it doesn't much matter because it is perfect for all audiences.
Wow, I can't believe I have so many authors that I want to read again.  I compiled this list by going through my nook library and reminiscing.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone else's Top Ten Tuesday picks this week.


  1. You just helped me with keeping my TBR list piled high. Harley just finished The Fault in My Stars...I'll have to see if its a Lend me...

    1. It is very good. And some of mine are Lend Me Books so I can send them to you also.


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