Saturday, September 13, 2014

And yet another great product for #10daysoftailgate

I got another package today!!!  I know right?  It is unbelievable how well received Camilla was with this event that she planned.  Today, I got a handy little tool that every kitchen needs.  A food thermometer!!  But not just any food thermometer but a thermoworks, thermopop thermometer!
I got the orange one so it even matches my kitchen, of course almost any color would match my kitchen LOL.

They even sent me a little package of Jelly Belly's!
Thanks Thermoworks for making sure all our tailgate food is not only delicious but safe as well.


  1. Cool! I need a thermometer like that.

  2. The jelly bellys were such a cute touch! I couldn't figure out why my husband was handing me some when I walked into the kitchen after this package arrived. He was super excited about the candy AND the thermometer! :D

    1. I have already used the thermometer several times since I got it.


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