Monday, February 8, 2016

Let's finish with a Drink for #FreshTastyValentines

Today is the last day of our Fresh Tasty Valentine event.  I hope you have enjoyed my Asian Inspired Menu as well as all of the other wonderful and delicious recipes shared by other bloggers during this fun week.

I am finishing up with a popular drink in China right now called Bubble Tea.  It is basically a tea and milk mixture that you can flavor any way you want but what makes it special and turns it into "bubble" tea is the addition of tapioca pearls.

I was originally going to change this up and make it alcoholic using raspberries and chambord but then we got this nifty little tool from Kitchen IQ, one of our sponsors, that hulls and/or slices up strawberries for you.

Then I got this lovely bar of organic chocolate by another of our sponsors, Pacari.  This chocolate is flavored with Andean Rose Geraniums.  Well, of course I was going to add this to my drink instead of the semisweet morsels I had bought.  Who wouldn't??

Then we ended up having our Little Angel Face so I decided to forego the alcohol as well and our Andean Rose Chocolate Strawberry Bubble Tea was born.  It is reminiscent of a thin milk shake that has been flavored with tea.  I think it must be an acquired taste because I didn't care for it.  I also was not crazy about the crunchy tapioca pearls.  I did use minute tapioca after I learned that it was not going to be cooked but I think in the future, at least for us, I will cook the tapioca in the milk before adding the other ingredients.  

My Angel Face loved it though and we all know that she is the only really important person in the house anyway LOL.  Don't you love her little haircut?   You should hear her Mama's stories about that experience!!

I want to thank Kitchen IQ, Pacari and all of our other sponsors for their generosity to us and to our readers.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway, today is the last day!!  I also invite you to go back to my information post where you will find a list of all of the sponsors and their contact information.  I never recommend any products with which I am not 100% satisfied.  I am very comfortable sharing all of our sponsor information with you, my readers.  I also want to remind you that all material in opinions in my blog are completely mine regardless of sponsors.

Andean Rose Chocolate Strawberry Bubble Tea

1 c. milk
1/2 c. tea, brewed and cooled
1 c. fresh strawberries, hulled 
3 t. sugar, divided
1 bar Andean Rose Geranium Chocolate, broken into marked pieces
2 t. water
1 T. honey
1 T. instant tapioca

Place strawberries and half of the sugar into the bowl of a food processor and run until pureed.
Place chocolate and remaining sugar in a small glass bowl. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir and microwave in 15 second increments until melted and smooth.  Add water to make into a syrupy consistency.
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.  Add milk, tea, strawberries, chocolate and honey.  Shake until well combined and foamy.  Place tapioca in the bottom of a tall glass.  Fill glass with tea mixture and serve ice cold. Print Recipe


  1. I've never tried a bubble tea but have always been curious about them!!

    1. I still don't know if I did it right because I had never tried it before either. I am going to have to try some to see LOL

  2. Bubble tea? Interesting! Melody looks so sweet with her haircut!

    1. Thanks Paula, she was too sweet when she got it cut I guess. She is very advanced....already going through the terrible twos I think.

  3. Oh wow, I used to love bubble tea! Completely forgot about it and now I want to go find some.

    1. I had never even heard of it before I found it for this post.


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