Saturday, April 26, 2014

Young Love

All the kids met at Shelby's home for photos before the prom.  The limo picked them up there and will return them there at midnight tonight.  Shelby's parents were very welcoming to the parents of 16 teenagers who all wanted photos.  There were snacks and drinks and laughter and fun.  When the kids return home there will be food and relaxation before they all head home for the night.  It was fun watching them all.  They were grinning ear to ear and they all looked wonderful!!

The whole gang.

Don't they look lovely?

They will have a great time!


  1. What a special night! Love her dress and she is beautiful and Max is looking very handsome!

  2. What a beautiful couple. I love how they 'matched'. Her dress is gorgeous. So different from how my own prom was way back in the 'dark ages'! LOL

    1. Aren't they a handsome couple. She mail ordered her dress!!


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