Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just some Random Observations is a fun little project started by my friend, fellow blogger and fellow caregiver, Lisa at My Sweet Peanut.  Each Wednesday, Lisa has one of her children draw a word from a jar in which she placed 51 Random words.  Then we all meet together and write whatever comes to mind on that one word.  It is a place where caregivers or people who care about caregivers join together and share their joys, burdens, triumphs and failures.  A place where you can get a pat on the back, a chuckle, a cry or a hug.  Please join us.

Today's Random word is.......RANDOM.

Just some Random no particular order, just whatever floats into my mind....Randomly.

It is no wonder that everyone is surprised by what comes out of Mom's mouth sometimes.  She looks nowhere near 93 years of age, takes no medications, and walks unaided as well as anyone.  People don't expect her to not have complete control of her mind when she looks so good.

  • The other day, Mom said she had a tooth bothering her.  I made a mental note to call the dentist.  That evening I asked Mom how her tooth was....she looked at me like I was nuts and asked "What tooth?"  Last night she spent the night at my sister, Dawn's, house as she does each Tuesday.  Dawn called to let me know that Mom's tooth was barely holding on by a thread.  So, of course, now I have a case of the guilts because I didn't react when I should have.
  • Mom is usually in a pretty good mood.  She laughs a lot, she loves being around people, she still has a sense of humor.  It makes me wonder if she does have Alzheimer's or if it is just Dementia.  Either way I seldom see my "mother" there in my Mom's body.
  • I can't believe I said "just" Dementia....I must be demented!!
  • When Mom first started showing signs of whatever disease this is that she has, she became very OCD.  She would do things like count her money over and over, put her earrings into pairs for hours at a time, go through her clothes...folding and refolding.  I likened it almost to a form of autism.  Now she does things repeatedly but it is no longer OCD, it is just that she has forgotten that she just did whatever it was she was doing.  I watched her brush her teeth 3 times, one after the other before her shower last week.  I finally had to physically take the toothbrush from her hand and lead her into the shower. 
  • Mom can stare into space for the longest time and when asked what she is thinking, she will respond with a blank stare and wonder what you are talking about.
  • Mom is tired, all the time, she awakens tired.  At least, I think she awakens, perhaps she doesn't sleep while the rest of us are.  She goes to bed earlier each night, sleeps later each morning and nods off during the day.
  • I love when I introduce Mom to people as my mother and she looks at them, shakes her head and whispers that she is my if I am the one who has lost my mind!!  The looks on their faces is priceless.
That is all the Randomness I can come up with this morning.  I hope you stop by One Word Wednesday for more Random thoughts on the word Random. 


  1. I have seen some similar things in my mom - sometimes they make me sad, sometimes they make me smile. I am sure it is the same for you.

  2. I can totally relate to all of these except mom brushing her teeth. I had to buy this bright blue toothpaste so I can provide "evidence" to mom that she has NOT yet brushed her teeth. I remember totally ignoring a sore tooth because she forgot it hurt ... Oh, the guilt!!! Your mom absolutely does not look her age. You've got really good genes

    1. It just boggles my mind that our Moms still have their own teeth to brush. I have to put the paste on each morning for her but she will brush them and brush them and brush them....

  3. I will admit that I cringed just a bit when you said "just dementia"....and then you continued and made me laugh. Richard takes his teeth out and I brush them for thankful for your mom's own teeth!!!

    1. I could not believe I really wrote that...I keep telling you that Mom is contagious!!


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