Monday, April 7, 2014

Vacation Check In

Yesterday was a very busy day....I did get a chance to check my emails, facebook account and make sure that there were no emergencies back home.  But between 2 morning dives, an afternoon dive and a wedding in the evening there was absolutely no time to post.  I have a free half hour right now so I thought I would write a quick post to let you see how it is going.

On our first dive we saw more jellyfish (amount and variety) than we have ever seen on a dive before.

Frank was able to catch a shot of this Eel and Angel.
That was like hitting the jackpot!

This was a HUGE Puffer, also on the first dive.

The second dive we saw this spotted Ray.
Very Cool.

After lunch and a short nap we decided to do a shore dive before getting ready for the evening. There is a mermaid right off the shore of the resort so I had to go and try to get her for my sister.

She was pretty content there under the sea.
So we decided to leave her be.

She appreciated it, giving me a high five.

And allowing Frank to cop a feel.

One of the couples that are diving with us renewed their wedding vows last night and invited all of us to join them.  It was lovely.

And here they are with their daughters looking on.
Aren't they a wonderful looking family??

The Al Fresco Reception was held at the Grand Old House.
Beautiful venue, Excellent Food, Great Celebration

It was very Inspirational so I am joining up with the Inspiration Monday Party to share our day. Join us!!


  1. I would loved to have renewed our vows at the beach. Love the pictures. Especially the one of Frank being naughty!

  2. I love the mermaid! Your husband is a hoot! Can't wait to see your next adventure...Lisa


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