Sunday, April 13, 2014

Surveying Storm Damage Sunday

We had a huge storm pass through last night.  Several house fires and some grass fires in the area.  Many people had power outages and severe damage.  We were very lucky here at this house.  We never lost power and our damage was minimal.

We had some serious hail for a while

Nature decided it was time to open the pool

This was my garden flag stand.
I have no idea where the flag went.

One of our trees didn't make it.
Wood for the fire pit!

One of my stars came down from the front of the house.

That's it...That is all the damage that I found....How lucky are we??  And as always there is good along with the bad.  While doing my survey I noticed that......

My tulips are blooming!!
Happy Sunday Everyone.


  1. WOW! Glad it wasn't any worse. In Lakeport some thunder and lightening and rain-but nothing terrible. We were really lucky-so weird how bad it was for you.

  2. Thanks Linda, we were both very lucky. Many of my neighbors had it a lot worse.

  3. I am glad your damage was minimal. It is really, really windy here tonight. My tulips are blooming and the hostas and gerbera daisies are peeking out of the ground.

    1. I still don't have anything blooming....I don't know what happened to my crocus this year but at least I have stuff starting to sprout.


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