Friday, April 18, 2014

The Glue that Binds

Today is Five Minute Friday.  FMF is a writing exercise hosted by Lisa Jo Baker of Surprised by Motherhood fame.  It is very simple.  Lisa Jo gives us a prompt and we write on that prompt for 5 minutes.  Easy. Only one must visit the link before yours and offer encouragement to one another.

Today's prompt is Glue.


Love is the glue that binds.  It is what keeps me together, prevents me from falling to pieces.

The love of and for my husband, my children, my family and my friends.

But mostly the love of God....The love so strong that today we celebrate the death of His only begotten Son.  A love that I cannot comprehend.  I can imagine loving someone enough to lay down my own life for them but I cannot imagine loving anyone enough to allow one of my children to suffer and die for them. Not for one second.

And not being able to comprehend it makes me appreciate it that much more.  It makes me want to bow down and worship my God who so loves me with all my faults, all my sins.  Sins that He doesn't see any longer because He wiped them away when He came to us as His Son, suffered, died and was buried.

In 3 days He will rise again!!!!  Alleluia, Alleluia...

But for today He loves us enough to deep is that love?.....How strong is THAT glue??



  1. well-written. I appreciated how you looked at the love of God dying for us. God. loving us, dying for us, the strength of that glue.

  2. To love God the way that you do is something that I aspire to. Maybe one day!

    1. Oh no Paula...I don't love God like I do....He loves me and you more than the imagination can fathom. I ran from God and his love for years...He finally wore me down!!

  3. Wendy - I love this. You are such a wonderful spirit and your faith shows in your writing. God bless you. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I hope your Mom gets to come home for Easter dinner that is NOT pureed.


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