Thursday, April 10, 2014

When the sick have to care for the sick I know it is Thursday but I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I waited until today to link up with One Word Wednesday.  One word Wednesday is hosted by my friend and fellow caregiver Lisa Moles.  It is a place for caregivers of all sorts to gather and encourage each other in this journey we did not choose but are willing and able to travel anyway.  I think that all of us will have to take this journey at some point in our lives so, even if now is not your time, please join us and encourage us and we promise to do the same for you when your time comes.

Today's   Yesterday's prompt was "Caregiving when you are sick".  It is pretty coincidental because when I got this prompt I was suffering from an upset stomach and had spent most of the afternoon in the latrine.  Fortunately I wasn't caring for Mom this week.  Unfortunately I am on a dive vacation in Grand Cayman and the bathroom is NOT where I wish to spend it.

Luckily I do not get sick very often.  The last time I was sick I had strep throat. If any of you have ever suffered from strep then you know that it feels like you are swallowing glass.  It hurts very much to swallow let alone talk.  This is very difficult when dealing with an alzhiemer patient. Elderly people who suffer dementia/alzhiemer disease repeatedly ask the same questions all day long.  They don't understand that you are not feeling well and if they do understand they don't remember that you are not feeling well. With strep, I would try to answer and Mom would, EVERY TIME, say "What, I can't hear you".  This would be frustrating enough but it is even worse when you are in pain.

My sister, Dawn, kept Mom for part of this trip and had a bout of kidney stones while Mom was with her.  My heart just broke for her. I am sure Mom did not make passing those stones any easier!!

Usually, when you try to explain to Mom that someone isn't feeling well (especially if you are giving that someone any extra attention) Mom will suddenly not feel well either and need extra attention.  This is not really something new for Mom.  Throughout the years, whenever Pops would get sick and we would be worried about him, Mom was quick to tell us how she wasn't feeling well either.  Of course, before she lost her mind we could just call her on fahgeddaboutit!!!

But, as they say, God will never give us more than we can handle.  So we just keep chugging along and remember the times that Mom took care of us when she wasn't feeling well and thank God that we are in a position to do the same for her.

Meanwhile, we will just keep Thriving at Home.  Join us every Thursday to share how you Thrive at Home.


  1. That is exactly how Richard responds to my not feeling well...he feels worse. I loved the cartoon. My laugh for the day!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Paula. I was unable to link up, It was already closed.

  2. Oh my goodness - 3 peas in this caregiver pod. Mom HATES it when someone gets extra attention - even her own grandkids! And the savage chickens are today's favorite thing!

    1. I can't think of 2 other peas I would want to share my pod with.


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