Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jumping out of my skin excited!

Woooohoooooooo.  I am just sitting here waiting for Frank to be done getting ready for work so that I can awaken Mom and get her in the shower before her hair appointment.  And I am grinning like a fool because vacation starts tonight!!

I think about the things I need to do today, change the linens, do the laundry, pack for us and for Mom, haircut, go get my nose and tails toes and nails done.  And I cannot wipe this grin from my face.

I spent all day yesterday shopping because somehow, whenever I pack away a seasons clothes, they shrink. I don't get it!!!  So yesterday, when I was out picking up things in the next size...I was not smiling!  But today even the thought of that cannot wipe this grin off my face.

When I went shopping yesterday I used some gift certificates that I had been given for my birthday...way back last August.   I was saving them until I lost some weight....well I figured they may never get spent then and if I do lose the weight I have lots of clothes packed away from seasons past!!

Between gift cards and coupons I got all this (plus panties and bras) for $400.
That is 3 pair of capris, 2 pair of shorts, 8 tops, flip flops, 1 dress, 5 pr of panties and 2 bras.
I think I did very well!!!
And I think I will share that with Thrifty Thursday!

One hour later........Mom is showered.  Normally Wednesday is shower night but we ended up going out for dinner last night with the Bendas and there was no way I was getting Mom into the shower once we got home.  So when I awoke Mom I told her I was taking all her things downstairs and that she should come down so I could shower her.  She told me she would just wash up really good.  I told her we would shower.
She said she didn't want to get her hair wet.  I told her that she was going to get her hair done this afternoon.
She finally came downstairs and went to sit and have a cup of coffee before she showered.  Frank interjected and told her she needed to shower first.  Why is it she NEVER argues with Frank.  In she toddled for her shower.

"Oh it is so cold in here"
"It will be nice and warm in the shower"
"I hate showers"
"No, you don't"
"Yes I do, I should know"
"Well come on in here, it will be over soon"
"Oh the water is too hot"
"Here, I will add some cold" (I do nothing)
"Oh that's better"
I lather up the washcloth and start to wash her back.
"Oh that's cold"
"I just used warm water to wet it"
"Well it feels like ice"
"Liar, liar pants on fire"
"How does the rest of that go?"
"Nose as long as a telephone wire"
"That's funny, ooooooh this feels so good, I love my showers."
"I know you do Mom"

And the grin is still on my face.  I got Mom settled to breakfast with Nancy, changed the sheets, threw in some laundry and have my clothes ready to pack.

I am so grateful to Dick and Jackie and Dawn and Tom for keeping Mom while we are gone.  It is because of them that I have this huge smile on my face.  Woooooohooooooooo!!!!


  1. I am so envious and so happy for you. Have a wonderful time. I laughed out loud at the description of 'mom's shower'. That is almost exactly how our weekly shower goes. Water too cold, water too hot...and on and on and on!


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