Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feeling kinda Testy Tuesday

I am feeling a little Testy today.  I am not sure exactly why.....I cannot put my finger on it....but since it is List it Tuesday I am going to try to figure it out.

  1. Last night was a total eclipse of the moon.
  2. It is tax day and I had to mail out a good chunk of money to the IRS
  3. It is the 15th day of the month, which means bill day, so that is how my morning started.
  4. Well, actually, this is how my morning started....
    Looking out my side door.

    Looking out my back door.

    Looking out the front door.
    It is April 15th right??
  5. As soon as I was done with bills I had to go to the dentist to get my permanent crown.
  6. As soon as I am done with this post, I have to go to the food pantry and see how much food we lost due to the power outage we suffered at the church for 3 days!!
So there you have it, all the reasons why I am feeling testy today.  Looking back over it all I guess I should snap out of it....There was not one thing listed here that was a tragedy...no illness, no death, nothing permanent that will not change in the next day or two.  Sometimes, it helps to list your grievances.  It makes you realize just how foolish and petty you can be and reminds you to take a moment to thank God for all your blessings!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Share your list over at List it Tuesday.


  1. Maybe it is just because we are back here !!!!!

  2. I was thinking exactly what Anchor Bay Scuba said above. That is my biggest fear of going away for a couple of days. Will coming back to this at home just be that much harder. Hope you lose the "testies" some time today. We are expecting more snow again tomorrow. What we got yesterday is already gone.

    1. Ugh Paula....I am soooo ready for Spring. I don't think the breaks make it harder....it just is what it is.....

  3. I just got around to reading your Testy Tuesday post - we set the alarm and got up as a family to see the Blood Moon - it was pretty cool, but we were all a bit testy from the disruption of sleep on a school night. Tax day is not a bother when you are getting a return!, but I did participate in bill pay day and fed my children pasta and jarred sauce since we are out 'til Friday! I envy the snow - we just don't get enough here in Texas and snowflakes make me so very happy.

    1. It's a good thing that you didn't read this while I was testy....I would have given you a big raspberry in reply to this reply LOL


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