Saturday, April 19, 2014

Just another Saturday

I get out of the bed for a couple of minutes and I am immediately replaced!!

I love lazy Saturday mornings.  Those mornings when there is no reason to hop out of bed until you are good and ready.  Those mornings when you can sit around, drink coffee together and catch up on life.

When I heard Mom stirring, I went up to set out her clothes and get her toothbrush ready.  When I came back...there were interlopers on my side of the bed!!!  It was pretty cute though...when I approached and said "What about me?", Princess Fiona scooted over so I would have room to crowd in.

Today should be a pretty relaxing day, all around.  I have a mani/pedi appointment at 10 am., and we have to go to Frank's sister's house because Ronnie was nice enough to pick up the pierogi for me when he was in Hamtramck.  While we are down in the City we will stop by the funeral home.  A friend of ours died suddenly of a massive stroke this week.  He was only in his early 50's.  Very sad.  

And all the more reason why we should cherish these stolen Saturday moments...because you just never know.


  1. I love your interlopers! Sophie can take over my spot in seconds flat! Enjoy your day - you deserve a little pampering!

  2. I love these lazy days. We only have one interloper (wish it were more) and she is little yet manages to take up a lot of space in bed. Wouldn't want it any other way! And I am so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    1. Thanks. My dogs think they own the joint...I know they own the joint LOL>

  3. We don't have any interlopers (unless you count teenage grandchildren) Glad you had time to relax. So sorry about your friend.


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